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This Man Said Goodbye To Diabetes Without Using Medicine. He Consumed Only…!

A man who was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension four years ago decided to find a natural cure that would solve his health problems and ease his life.  When diagnosed, his blood sugar was 29 and his pancreas didn’t function properly. So, he was prescribed insulin therapy.

Also, he was advised to work out regularly, however, neither the therapy nor the regular exercising improved his health, in fact, his condition worsened. His blood pressure was 150/100 on average and his triglycerides were 16.

One day, at New Year’s Eve, after watching The Edge of Science, a TV show with Dr. John Zirdum who consumed only raw food for 12 years, he decided to make a change in his life by changing his diet. Within one week, his blood sugar dropped to 5. Of course, the first few days were not easy at all and he was constantly tempted.

What’s more, he stopped the insulin therapy since his new diet couldn’t increase the blood sugar levels. Unbelievably, he lost 25 pounds within 30 days, whereas in 40 days, he weighed 50 pounds less, his blood pressure was 120/70, and his triglycerides 1.4.

Here’s a recipe of his favorite juice:

5 bananas

2 apples

2 kiwis

A handful of kale

Preparation: Blend all of the ingredients and then mix the content with half a liter of water.

Use: In the morning, drink one half of the juice and drink the rest throughout the day.

Important to note:

A raw diet needs to be comprised of a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, as well as tuna which is rich in B12, an essential vitamin.


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