If You Are O-Blood Type, You Must Be Careful Because of This: It’ll Save Your Life!

People with a blood type O are different from other people as they can give blood to all the other groups, but can receive only from their blood type. Moreover, it is considered that these people are more susceptible to certain diseases like thyroid dysfunction, low levels of thyroid hormones, iodine deficiency, and ulcers. The results from these dysfunctions are water retention and overweight.

Additionally, these people are believed to be special because of these potent characteristics they possess:

  • True leaders
  • Focused
  • Proactive and energetic
  • Very productive

It is interesting to note that in Japan, blood type O is related to a specific type of character. Namely, at job interviews, potential employees are asked about their blood type. This is because these people are considered more organized, focused, practical, responsible, dedicated, and thorough. What’s more, some believe that these people are better logicians than others.

Nonetheless, when under stress, these people tend to be impulsive and hyperactive. Usually, they are prone to problems with insulin resistance, thickness, and thyroid gland problems as they tend to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, no workout, and the excessive stressing.

When compared with other blood types, people with O blood type have a higher level of stomach acid and this is the reason behind the sensitivity of their stomach and the formation of ulcers. Therefore, they should avoid excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine, as caffeine is known to raise the adrenaline levels and these people already have a high level of adrenaline. Also, they should include regular workout, 3 to 4 times per week.






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