Do You Know What Your Everyday Hairstyle Says About You

It is certain that your habits say a lot about you. At this point, you need to know that even your everyday hairstyle can say a lot, both, good and bad things about your character. Namely, your hair can tell a lot about you and here in this article, you can find out what your hairstyle says about you.

1. You’re a romantic person and very open to new experiences. You are only seeing the positive side in every person, which is why you are often disappointed in others.

2. You are a woman who is sure in herself and no you are not interested and you are not hurt by all the incompetent criticism of others. You have no need for a large number of friends and in society, you are considered the most loyal friend.

3. You are a very proud person and you are always trying to accomplish your set goals, ignoring all the boring stories that you simply do not like.

4. You’re a woman-warrior and those who do not know you have no idea that you are soft and tender. You are also honest and fair, which is why it is easy to fool you.

5. You are a creative person with a rich inner world. You do not like boring jobs and live with art and creativity.

6. Sometimes you are even bothered by your own openness, but you are one of those people who is always going to help other people if they needed help.

7. You’re a good observer and listener, attentive to every detail and this helps you to be a leader.

8. You are a calm person and you care what others think, but no one must annoy you. You have a very open mind and you cannot be fooled easily.


Your Husband Does These 12 Things? You Hit the Marriage Jackpot!

We are all subject to perpetual doubt. There isn’t a single one of us in the 21st century who can make a decision and be satisfied with it. Irrespective of how long you have been together, doubting the quality of your romance is quite natural. You may have been together for 7 years, but you can still be unconvinced with his ‘I do’ on the marriage aisle. So, what is the key to understanding if he is ‘the one’?

1. He Supports You In Your Endeavors

A good partner will always want the best for you. He SO should be the first one present in your show, the one screaming the loudest from the sidelines. He should hold the power and the desire to help you achieve your true potential.

2. He Is The Calmness-Factor

After a day of unforgiving corporate deadlines, you should be able to come home to a pair of welcoming arms. We all have a significant load of storms that we pass through. Our partner should always be the saving grace.

3. He Continues To Ask You Out

The cutest feeling is knowing that you partner still has a crush on you. It means that he hasn’t taken you for granted, and is willing to invest the time and energy required to win you over, every single day.

4. He Is Hardworking

Dedication is a huge point of attraction. If you marry somebody who is a slacker, then the laziness will eventually get to you. Living with somebody who is a go-getter, pushes you to do better in life.

5. He Makes Time For The Two Of You

We all have really busy careers. But what is any of that worth if you do not have the liberty to spend some time with your own family? While earning money, or hanging out with the boy gang is important, he should be able to clear a part of his everyday schedule and reserve it solely for you.

6. He Is Great To His Mother

Always remember that men don’t have behavioral exceptions regarding women. If he treats his mother or sister horribly, without any reason, yet acts sweet with you, then know that it won’t last. You will eventually end up in the same spot as them.

7. He Praises You Often

Validation feels nice, especially if it is coming from the love of your life. This shows that he actually cares about you, is proud of you, and that your life matters to him. There is nothing more adorable than finding a partner who can feel happy for the smallest of goals you achieve. 

8. He Is Not Selfish

Co-existing in a marriage involves having to share almost everything. This includes Nutella, chips, happiness, pain, anger, et all. You do not want to end up with a narcissistic prick, and sentence your entire life to endless jabbering from the other end.

9. He Keeps Reminding You Of His Love

I am positively sure that you do not need the affirmation. If you’re marrying somebody, then I’m pretty sure that you already know about their love for you. However, it doesn’t hurt to say it. Get yourself a man who feels his heart beat faster every time he sees you, and does not shy away from saying it out loud.

10. He Prioritizes You

Your husband has to be your best friend first. While it is unhealthy to wish for him to cater to your demands all around the clock, it is quite adorable to see him choose you over other things. He should be able to make you feel valued and important.

11. He Makes Spontaneous Plans

This is important in order to keep the relationship healthy, and happy. After a tough day, or a ruthless fight, I hope he brings you flowers. I hope he wakes you up with breakfast in bed, and a trip to the best restaurants on nights when you’re feeling low.

12. He Accepts His Mistakes

It is so attractive to find a man without his toxic masculinity. Your partner should be able to put his ego aside and be willing to solve problems. Marriages fall apart because partners stand their ground and become unwilling to adjust. As long as you both can address and rectify issues, your marriage will be nothing short of a Disney fairytale.


This Is What Your Period Is Saying About Your Health!

Women, what comes along about once a month, leaves us feeling sick and bloated, and is an absolute pain, in more ways than one?

That’s right. Our periods.

They are a necessary and normal bodily function in women, yet, we still consider them to be extremely taboo to talk about. Instead of the dreaded word “period,” we instead have a whole list of interesting nicknames for that time of the month. Shark week, Aunt Flo and riding the crimson wave are just a few.

However, women need to understand that their periods may be telling them something about their health. Most people don’t like to talk about it, and this can cause minor to serious health issues to go unnoticed. I’ve had friends who have had serious issues associated with their menstruation when they were in high school, and they didn’t know there was a problem until they were in college.

Taking notice of your flow and other period symptoms can help you understand a lot about your health, and to be better informed when talking to a health care professional.



According to Dr. Alisa Vitti, holistic health counselor and functional nutritionist, it is possible to describe most period colors in three different ways: mashed frozen blueberries, strawberry jam, and cranberry juice. The color of period blood can reveal a lot about hormonal health.

Periods that are similar in texture and color to frozen blueberries may be an indicator of high estrogen levels. This would also cause a heavier cycle than normal because higher estrogen levels mean the uterus lining could be thicker than normal.

Those who shed a lighter color, similar to strawberry jam, have the opposite problem. This may be a sign that estrogen levels are low. In this case, period flow can be patchy and is often late because less estrogen means a thinner lining. It should also be noted that a light flow is alsoassociated with birth control use for some women.

The perfect color, according to Dr. Vitti, is a nice, saturated red color like cranberry juice. In this case, flow will usually start and end on time and will not become too heavy.


9 Things Men Would Only Do When They’re In Love

A guy will never go beyond limits for a girl until he loves her and wants her attention. And there are many things boys do to make their relationship work better with time and keep a hold of the love bond. You will be wondering what those things are that guys only do when they are in love? Here is the list.

  1. He Shares Everything

When a man loves a girl, he will want to share each and everything with her love-lady- we mean everything. From talking about everything to sharing ice cream to eating together- he will prove that he is in love with that girl.

  1. He Holds Your Hand Everywhere

Hand-holding is quite common in all new relationships, but only a special kind of couple would do it just about anywhere, regardless of the situation. If he reaches your hand while driving together, rest assured you’re the only thing on his mind. And if he does it in the most public of places, marry him immediately.

  1. His Free Time is For You

Some people really need some space, and that’s completely fine. When a guy is downright in love with a girl, though, there’s no such thing as relaxing alone. Every passing minute is dedicated to yours truly – and when you’re not available, chances are they’re planning the next big, romantic date together.

  1. He Spoons Even After Sex

The very act of spooning has a lot of meaning. When a guy doesn’t love a girl, he would try his best to distance himself after doing the dirty deed. When the spoons even after sex, though, that tells you just how much you truly rock his world. Sleeping with you is just a bonus.

  1. He Makes Sacrifices Without Question

A guy will always want to have it his way if he could. But when it comes to the girl of his dreams, he’d be more than happy to cancel just about any plans if it means keeping you smiling. This ranges from hanging with the boys to sitting through a slow, romantic chick flick with you.

  1. He Fights For Your Love

A real man recognizes when things are failing in a relationship without backing down. While any other guy would simply abandon ship or look for refuge by cheating, this special fella would fight to repair any and all damage to ensure the relationship survives for decades to come.

  1. He Never Sugarcoats Anything

A guy that wants to get in a girl’s pants will say anything she wants to hear. One who truly loves her, however, will instead say what she needs to hear. His love is especially strong when he isn’t afraid to explore potentially hurtful conversations with you. Now that’s a keeper, right there.

  1. You’re Always Beautiful 

Every girl feels down on occasion. No matter how much they try to fix themselves, the mirror will simply keep feeding them an undesired image. A guy who’s truly in love will never recognize the word “ugly” under any circumstance, even if she isn’t conventionally attractive in the eyes of society.

  1. Respect Boundaries and Wishes

In spite of telling it like it is, a real man will also know where to draw the line and respect your choices. He will support your career choices and other strong desires, both short-term and long-term. This is all thanks to being a good listener and being with you every step of the way.


How to Perk Up Your Breasts in Just 7 Days?

Most women would like to have breasts that are perfect in shape throughout their lives. But this is not possible always.

Sagging breasts are a common thing that happens as a woman ages. Generally, many women feel saggy breast after 35+ but it can happen earlier too. Since many girls who are in their teen ages face this problem. Here I will guide you how to naturally make your breast tight.

To get well-toned breasts in just 7 days, just follow the below recipe.Shop Related Products

Vitamin E Breast Mask

Breast mask is one of the best homemade remedies for saggy breasts. This work like facial masks and keep the skin firm in the area of the breast.


  • 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E (or one capsule)
  • 1 teaspoon of copper (or one capsule)
  • 1 egg white


  • Take a small bowl and pour both Vitamin E and Copper in it.
  • Then add the egg white.
  • Mix them well
  • Apply it on your breasts
  • Then gently massage your breasts in an upward movement for about 5 minutes.
  • Then wear any comfortable bra (no underwire). Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse your breasts with lukewarm water.

You have to repeat this process for 7 days to get the toned breasts.


  • Make the fresh recipe whenever you apply on breasts. Don’t use the dried one
  • Also if you are pregnant or breastfeeding mom, do try this recipe as of now.

Egg Yolk with Cucumber Mask

It is another easy remedy to perk up your breasts. Egg yolk includes a high level of vitamins and proteins whereas cucumber includes natural skin toning properties. So, if you use this paste constantly, you can get tight breasts.


  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Egg yolk


  • Cut the cucumber and mash it well
  • Add egg yolk in it and mix them well to a fine paste.
  • Apply it on your breasts
  • Then gently massage your breasts in an upward movement for about 5 minutes.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Finally, wash this with cold water.
  • Repeat this procedure to do get toned breasts in a week.

Additional Tips

  • If you sleep on your side and favor one side over the other, one breast will sag and the other will be squashed. So sleep on your back
  • Use supportive bras. Always wear the right size and right type of bra to give them a proper support.
  • Do breast toning exercises.
  • Try some yoga. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for tightening the muscles of the chest and for toning the breasts.
  • Applying moisturizer to your breast regularly, whether it’s after you’ve had a shower or on a daily basis will help to keep them soft and your skin glowing.
  • Do swimming to add firmness to your breast.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Maintain your weight. Excess body weight is among the prime reasons for breasts to sag.
  • Keep an eye on your diet!

6 Things That Happen When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days

First and foremost, there is no better way to feel renewed, refreshed and relaxed. Showering and bathing are considered to be a must and a necessity but also a pleasant way to spend your time after a long day. Every day we are exposed to stresses and natural detoxification processes, we simply move around while doing our body is doing the things it needs to.

Sometimes, it is incredibly tiring to grab a shower during your downtime, while being on your own. But is skipping out the daily shower really so innocent and harmless for our health and our condition? Of course not! You may skip one day, but if you skip the next day of showering, you’ll run into trouble. Let us list you the consequences:

#1. Bad smell

Avoiding it makes us smelly. The smell is creatеd by bacteria that live on our skin and produces waste products. Our sweat is also a way to detox ourselves of our waste products, so our skin contains a lot of toxins and is a prime environment for bacteria to live in after we sweat (and we sweat all the time because it is a natural way to remove toxins), especially after the gym. So, showering is the only way to get rid of the sweat, smell and unpleasant odors.

#2. Skin infections

If the bacteria and germs are not washеd away, they reproduce faster and cause harm to our skin by spreading infections. It causes skin itching and inflammation. Washing our bodies is the most natural way to get rid of the infection spread probability.

#3. Unpleasant, grubby skin

In addition to being stinky, our skin will become grubby, slovenly and simply unpleasant. The natural process of skin renewal will continue but the cleanliness will be breachеd.

#4. Hair loss

All our skin will become flaky and irritations will occur all over it, especially in the places where the skin is the most tender. Our hair may start falling out because the follicles are full of sebum that prohibits the natural nutrition of the hair roots.

#5. Stress

You will become more stressed and tense because a shower is the most natural way to get relief from stress and relieve depression. Showering is basically healing any sore muscles, which often happens if we are stressеd, as it reflects in our body.

#6. Violation of blood circulation

It supports immune system strength by gently massaging the lymphatic system and increasing the blood circulation, so our cells are functioning better to keep us healthy within. It is a natural way of healing the body.


What Does His Favorite Sex Pose Reveal Feelings About You?

Men who love the missionary position in sex in life are strictly in keeping with the rules, are faithful and gentle partners that will not disappoint you. But definitely, such men are not boring.

In this position, his attention is focused on his partner, and there are eye contact, hugs, kisses. If you want stability and change of gentleness, such a man is the perfect choice for you, said the body’s expert, Jan Hargrave.

The position of a snail-shaped jug!

The posing of a spoil or the position where you both lie on your side, with it behind you, reveals a man who is constantly seeking confirmation of the woman’s feelings. This position allows for special intimacy, indicating that your man is a sensible type, explained Hargrave.

Doggy style does not emotionally reveal it!

If your man likes doggy style, he really likes to dominate, be an alpha man and he does not want to be too emotionally open. Since there is no eye contact in this position, it actually does, because it is so secure. This pose does not scream for emotions that speak of love and respect, and if it insists on that position, it is possible that it has problems with self-confidence.

If a woman is up, it is important for her husband and her pleasure!

Although most men like this pose most, she does not say much good about them. If your man insists on it, he does not really want to invest too much but lets you play the game. Lack of ambition and motivation does not only apply to sex, but to other parts of life as this man is usually accustomed to serving him all.

But if he does not only insist on this position but is one of his favorites, he is a playful imagination and such a man will be able to provide his partner with a lot of fun.

Samurais is a sign that he is happy about it!

The position in which a woman is lying on her abdomen, and the man is crazy about sex in the so-called. the sign is that he is comfortable with you and that he is happy about it, explained Dr. Audrey Nelson, a communications expert.

Close contact for men who like gentleness!

If your man is attracted to sex, he wants more intimacy. Namely, it attracts you to the most sensitive part of the door, the veil, which is a sign of confidence and tenderness. Such a guy actually loves a partner deciding everything, explained the expert of nonverbal communication and author of the book “Love Signals,” Dr. David Givens.YOU MAY LIKE

If he leaves after sex, he is afraid of the obligation!

If the man immediately after sex gets away from you, the sign is that he does not want the obligations. This move creates a safe distance from you, both psychic and emotional, Givens pointed out.

Lying on the hip after sex reveals the possessor!

If, after sex, lies with you in the pose of a spoon, or on your side, the man is completely crazy for you, but also a bit possessive. In this position, he is hiding, indicating dominance. However, if you want to pamper yourself, but then you’re behind him, this position reveals someone who loves others to care for him.


12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know

Sometimes, hiccups and burping are bodily functions which make people annoyed. They can be very embarrassing. But, one of the most embarrassing things is definitely farting in public. People can also be judgmental in case you fart in public.

1. Men fart a lot! They fart more than women!

2. The word itself was created in 1962. It means that wind comes out of the anus.

3. Adult people fart about 14 times a day on average.

4. It means that the air which comes out of the anus 14 times a day can fill up a balloon.

5. Farting isn’t humiliating at all! It means that you are healthy. A healthy digestive tract produces flatulates. In case you aren’t farting, you should visit a specialist.

6. Farts contain hydrogen sulfide which decreases the mitochondrial harm. You should thank the people who fart because it means that they are healthy.


Correct Way To Use A Sanitary Towel

Sanitary pads are intrinsic to a woman’s life. They need it every month, and if the sanitary pads aren’t hygienic, it leads to infection. So, it is of the utmost importance that one actually uses a sanitary pad which is extremely hygienic and disposes it off after a period of time. But also important is the knowledge of how to use it perfectly. Some disposable pads have wings that help you attach it, while the others have adhesives which help you stick it.

 Correct Way To Use A Sanitary Towel

Step 1: After removing the sanitary towel from the package, make sure that you unfold it.

Step 2: After sitting on the loo, pull down your underwear up to your knees.

Step 3: After you are done with that, remove the patch off the pad to bring forth the adhesive that will allow you to stick it. If the pad is a winged one, then you would find three such strips for each of the three wings.

Step 4: If you are wearing thongs, then you need to make sure that the widest part of the pad is the one that should face your underwear. Before that, try pressing the sanitary cloth, with its adhesive side down onto your underwear’s crotch portion. After folding the wings to the side of your crotch, press them underneath the panties.

Step 5: Pull your underwear up to see that the pad is completely covering the vaginal opening.

Step 6: Check the pad every couple of hours to see if the pad is completely soaked at the bottom. If that is the case, change the pad.

Step 7: Wrap the sanitary pad in toilet paper/newspaper and properly trash it.

How to Use Reusable Sanitary Towels

Step 1: Pull up your underwear to your knees while sitting on the loo.

Step 2: Face the wings upwards and press the sanitary towel on crotch of your underwear.

Step 3: Next, try folding the wings along the crotch’s sides of the underwear.

Step 4: Change your sanitary towel after seeing that it won’t be able to get in any more fluids.

Step 5: After you are done with this pad, soak it in hot soapy water and leave it to soak under the sink till the end of the month, when you are done with all of your pads. After that, wash them in detergent water completely and let them soak for further use.

In case of disposable pads, try keeping them away from your pets. The smell of blood might attract them.

Also, it goes without saying that you need to keep your hands clean at all times by regularly washing them. If you can maintain hygiene while taking care of your body, it is you yourself who would benefit from the entire process. When buying pads, keep in mind that you only buy ones that have good certification from the authorities. And always make sure that the pad suits your skin and doesn’t lead to infections.


10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

In this world of betrayal, dishonesty, sadness, and fraud, one rarely finds true love. Lucky are those who find their perfect match and have a happy ending with them. If you are lucky enough to find one you love don’t ever let them go.

But how would you know if your relationship will have a happily ever after? Don’t you worry? We have combined 10 major signs to know if you and your partner will have a lasting relationship.

1. A couple that eats well lives well

Doesn’t he look adorable in that flowery apron and a cute chef hat? It’s a bonus if he cooks well too. A couple that has a healthy lifestyle is bound to stay together. If you keep check of yourself and your health, its then you will be able to continue your relationship for a longer time. It’s an advantage in your relationship if your partner loves to maintain the healthy lifestyle for you too.

If you both love walking early in the morning or you both have the fondness for hiking that is healthy for your relationship. It is proved via a research that 85% of the couples who go to the gym together have a better relationship/. You both the same interests and you love to spend time together. This will also help you as you will stick to a healthy routine if your bae is involved with you. You both are a confident and strong couple.

2. It’s a movie night

He has surprised you with yet another gift. It’s two tickets to your favorite chick flick movie. You look at him in awe and think what have you ever done to deserve him? It might seem a bit odd as it is stereotyped all around the world that guys hate girly movies.

It is thought that guys love fights scenes and action movies but if your man wants to stay in and snuggle up with coffee, switching up your favorite movie. This should be mutual, if your girl loves to watch the spy and action movies with you then you both are in for a longer run. This means that your partner respects your decisions. So tune in your Netflix and make it a movie night today.

3. Let’s fix it.

The secret to your Grandma’s and Grandpa’s relation is that they talked. It is okay to share and say what you feel. Everyone is not perfect, it is okay to have flaws. Neither is every relationship without damages and breaks. There will come a time when everything is not okay and according to the plans. Don’t throw your relationship away. Try to fix it. Find the problems and mend them. It is proven that a lasting relationship has been through many meltdowns, tantrums, and a hell of roller coaster rides. But in the end, you must stick to your love. Because through all the clouds of sadness, and hate, love will always win.

4. Sleeping Patterns

Yes, it may sound a bit weird, but this is true. Your sleeping patterns, habits and ways can affect your relationship a lot. It tells a lot about your connection with your significant other. Take note all you cuddlers and huggers out there, this is for you.

You have an amazing relationship. You people are counted among those people who will have a lasting relationship with your loved one. This will help you to lower your stress levels and it makes you feel connected in a special way. And if you are a new couple, don’t lay back on hugging each other.

This will keep your spark alive. Hugs and cuddles are good ways of expressing love without words. Plus, they have health effects such as the boost up your immune system and keep your heart away from diseases. The quality of sleep also affects it, so the more you have a good night sleep the more you are going to be fresh the next day.